Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Made Sour Cream!

So for some reason, I'm on a condiment kick. I've made ketchup and hot sauce, I'm currently making Worcestershire sauce, and I'm looking into mayonnaise... But this post is about sour cream!

I love sour cream, but I rarely ever have it in the house. I tend to substitute yogurt in most of my Mexican dishes, but when I realized from Phickle that all you needed to make sour cream was a little cream and a couple of milk kefir grains, I got on it immediately!

I only have access to ultra-pasteurized cream so I wasn't sure it would work perfectly. I bought the smallest container of heavy whipping cream and hoped for the best.

I took a few of my small but growing grains and I tossed them in the container. My normal fermenting time is 24 hours so I shook the container throughout the day, per normal, and the next morning I woke up and it just felt different.

I tried shaking it and nothing moved. I was terrified, but when I opened it, I had thick, wonderful sour cream!

I figured there would be no way to separate my grains from the thick mass so I decided to sacrifice them. (After all, eating grains is really healthy!) However, it turned out to be incredibly easy to spot my 3 grains because they look so different than the rest. Two were on top and the third stuck to my spoon so the grains have been saved for now.

And as for the taste - it's creamy and wonderful! The boyfriend was nervous and told me I was "living dangerously" as "dairy should always be refrigerated," but then he tasted it and changed his tune completely, calling me a genius and "ahead of the crowd." So there. 24 hour sour cream. Boyfriend approved.

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